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NYC Wildflower Week May 11-20

Wildflowers and Butterflies – A perfect combination!

Community Greens

nyc wildflower week
New York City has more nature than any other city in North America! Discover NYC native nature with free events in all 5 boroughs — guided botanical walks, garden and green roof tours, planting events, eco-salons, children’s fairs, and more.

Get to know the nature near you!

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Butterfly and Bat

New Yorkers for Parks

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Have you checked the Parks budget?

The Daffodil Project

NYBG Fall Garden Chores

Community Greens


Chores and Maintenance

– Continue to thoroughly water trees and shrubs, lawn areas, and planting beds until ground freezes
– Complete removal of fallen leaves and debris to protect from overwintering of insects and disease organisms
– Cut back perennials to 4 to 5″, but leave ornamental grasses to provide winter interest until spring
– Mulch boxwood and broad-leaved evergreens before ground freezes
– Mulch flower beds to keep soil temperature stable and prevent winter injury from frost heaving
– Provide burlap windbreaks for boxwood and broad-leaved evergreens. Install stakes before ground freezes
– Protect trees from mouse damage with wire mesh trunk guards
– Protect shrubs from deer with burlap or netting
– Mow lawn one final time to a height of 1 1/2 to 2″
– Aerate soil around rose roots and hill up the earth 10 to 12″ around the crown after a heavy frost

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